Cost Planning
We create realistic budgets and project plans that will assist in setting accurate financial expectations for the project.

Cost Management
We manage the costs throughout the project, from initial estimates to the final accounts. We analyse and evaluate costs, ensuring that the project stays within budget.

We can prepare accurate estimates for contractors.

Risk Management
We identify and manage potential risks related to costs and contracts. This proactive approach helps in avoiding financial setbacks and disputes during the construction process.

Contracts and Legal Compliance
We are familiar with contracts and legal requirements and ensure that all contractual agreements are in place, reducing the likelihood of legal issues and disputes.

Value Engineering
We can provide insights into cost-effective alternatives without compromising the quality of the project. This helps in achieving value for money and optimising available resources.

Financial Reporting
We can provide regular financial reports to stakeholders, keeping them informed about the project's financial status.

Change Management
When there are changes in the project scope, we can assess the impact on costs and contracts.